Designing The Age Friendly Workplace
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10 am-12 pm
June 22nd, 2009.
August 5th, 2009
The University of Washington
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Train the Trainer Workshops

Washington State Department of Transportation, June 16th-17th, 2009

Washington Federation of State Employees, June 17th-18th, 2009

Associated General Contractors of Washington, June 18th-19th, 2009

The University of Washington
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Designing The Age Friendly Workplace

The University of Washington and the Department of Labor & Industries have developed a workshop to help Washington State employers, unions, and organizations prepare for the aging workforce.

Whether you are a safety and health professional, a human resources manager, an administrator, an industrial hygienist, an ergonomist, an occupational medicine physician or a nurse the idea of the "aging workforce" may not be entirely new to you. You may already be familiar with some of the general issues. Odds are, though, that wherever you stand, your organization has yet to prepare for this enormous demographic shift.

There's little question that as the baby boom generation edges toward retirement, many things will change. Many of these changes will be predictable ones and the employers, unions and other organizations that prepare will thrive in an increasingly competitive labor market.

This web site will help you learn more about the aging workforce, and introduce you to a workshop that is assisting organizations design age friendly workplaces.

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Funding and support for this project have been provided by the State of Washington, Department of Labor and Industries, Safe and Healthy Investments Project.

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