Population aging ain't just about me or you getting older. It's about whole populations getting older on average. The story of how we got here is a really interesting one. To the extent that population aging poses challenges for us, we're victims of our own success.

This video gives the fundamental definition of population aging - what it is and why it's happening...

 Additional resources (CLICK ON THE TITLE TO VIEW WEBPAGE):

Global Health and Aging: A free report issued by the National Institute on Aging and the World Health Organization
Global Health and Global Aging: A book sponsored by the AARP Foundation and edited by Mary Robinson, William Novelli, Clarence Pearson and Laurie Norris
An Aging Nation - The Older Population in the United States: A report by the US Census Bureau summarizing national projections in the US
Demographic Publications from the Stanford Center on Longevity
Pyramids: A Mac computer application developed by Clay Heaton that displays population pyramids from different countries