Do you have an interest in global health and development?  The issues surrounding population aging around the globe are complex and fascinating.  Some developed countries, such as Finland and Japan have already experienced the brunt of population aging.  Just as interesting, though, developing countries such as Brazil and India are undergoing the shift much more quickly than any European countries have.  It's yet to be seen whether Brazil will have enough nursing homes and health care providers to care for its elderly adults in the coming decades (or whether the US will, for that matter).  But citizens of every country would be wise to become familiar with the fundamental demographic processes at hand.

If you have five minutes, this video will give you an overview of population aging around the globe.

If you're interested in learning more about global population aging, click on the report to the right or the links below.  The United Nations publishes reports on issues related to population aging, including data on the speed at which it's happening and the countries that are likely to be most affected.

If you have twenty minutes, this video gives the full backstory.  It also happens to be told in a really fun and captivating way...


Global Health and Aging: A free report issued by the National Institute on Aging and the World Health Organization
Global Health and Global Aging: A book sponsored by the AARP Foundation and edited by Mary Robinson, William Novelli, Clarence Pearson and Laurie Norris
An Aging Nation - The Older Population in the United States: A report by the US Census Bureau summarizing national projections in the US
Demographic Publications from the Stanford Center on Longevity
Pyramids: A Mac computer application developed by Clay Heaton that displays population pyramids from different countries